ASME Section III and NQA-1 compliant, Lincoln Structural Solutions is your single source
for nuclear rated metals and nuclear rated fasteners.

We offer a complete range of material processing services. With direct access to a wide variety of materials and immediate testing from our in-house lab, we can reduce the delivery durations of most orders while ensuring total traceability. This allows several of our customers to reduce the number of audits, suppliers and costs relating to material supply. Additionally, our stocking and distribution of fasteners, flanges and fittings means that we can kit full Bills of Material (BOM) to further limit your company's exposure to traceability and audit/survey concerns.

Our in-house waterjet allows us the ability to cut up to 12" thick plate, regardless of type or grade, to the most exacting tolerances.

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NOTE TO DOD/DOE Nuclear Suppliers: In most cases, cutting fluids, markers, and other items that come in contact with stainless steel are within halide guidelines (under 250 ppm). We have strict controls for carbon contamination and are compliant to a variety of applicable industry standards and documents.

WARDJet water table
LSS is proud to announce our most recent investment, a 16 x 40-foot WARDJet water table

This state-of-the-art machine has four heads, speeds faster than standard tables and an enormous bed capable of processing plates up to 40 lineal feet in length. This machine is ideal for many of our nuclear customers, as it reduces the need for multi-piece construction and the use of welding to conjoin materials.

WARDJet water table

The bed has a 40 x 16-foot cutting area and four cutting heads powered by a 150 HP intensifier pump. We can load the machine with four 8 x 20-foot sheets and cut with one to four heads, depending on what is most effective for the part size. Twelve inches of Z-axis travel allows for cuts of very thick plates, as well as cuts of formed parts. The WARDJet waterjet also features an abrasive removal system that reduces build-up.

It is simple to load and unload the R-Series since the entire carriage moves out of the way, leaving the stand-alone tank fully accessible from three sides. In other words, it is just as easy to load from the front or back of the tank.

WARDJet machines are known for their flexibility. Should LSS need to offer five-axis cuts down the road, for example, we can simply replace one of our machine’s current heads. And since WARDJet makes its own circuit boards, we can replace an older board with a new one. As a result, our machine will always be up-to-date.